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    always looking forward to that next game.

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Recent Posts

Rodgers Has Chance To Add To Legacy

Aaron Rodgers is already considered one of the best players in the league, and is paid handsomely for his efforts. That's not enough for him. He wants to add to his legacy. As the Packers enter a win-and-you're-in game against the Bears this weekend with the prize being an invitation to the big dance, Rodgers has a chance to ride in on a white horse and do something that will not be forgotten anytime soon. (Continue reading)




Packers Overcome Pivotal Pick Six

The fat lady was already warming up by halftime on Sunday, but she was never called to the stage. The fortunes for the Packers appeared bleak when an unfortunate bounce resulted in a pick-six just before the half. After that play, the momentum was heavily in favor of Atlanta. The season was very much on the brink. It was not unreasonable to think that such an unlikely series of events would have spelled doom for the Packers. Look no further than what happened another time these two teams played. (Continue reading)






Late Season Moves Nothing New for Packers

Ted Thompson may not be the most verbose general manager in the league, but he and his staff are always quietly looking for ways to improve the team. For evidence of that, look no further than the fact that the Packers always tinker with the bottom of the roster in December. This appears to be by design. The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL and NFL Players Association (NFLPA) allows for a provision that is often overlooked but is likely very much a consideration for Thompson and the Packers front office as they shape their roster. (Continue reading)



Packers Down But Not Out

We've seen this script before. The Packers, missing their star quarterback, drop multiple games late in the season. Even though their signal caller may come back soon, their playoff chances are in peril. Hope is waning. The last time this story line played out was just three years ago. As Week 15 of 2010 came to a close, the Packers had just finished losing their second game in a row. At that time, their record was 8-6. Their season was on life support. Even so, the fat lady had not sung yet. (Continue reading)



Lacy a Workhorse for Packers

There are over one million dairy cows in the state of Wisconsin. Finally, there is a bell cow in Green Bay. Bell cow. Workhorse. Use whatever farm animal metaphor you’d like. Eddie Lacy fits the bill. As the pass-happy NFL continues to evolve, players like Lacy seem to become rarer each year. Ten years ago, offenses still ran through the running back. In 2003, no fewer than 13 running backs tallied 300 carries. In 2011, only two reached that mark. In Green Bay, the last time a running back carried the ball that many times... (Continue reading)



Re-examining Steve McLendon

The Packers are a team of homegrown talent. Nothing illustrated that more than the television graphic a few weeks ago that highlighted the fact that 50 of the 53 players on Green Bay's roster have never played a game for another team. Perhaps that is why it came as somewhat of a surprise last offseason when Ted Thompson and the Packers reportedly made overtures to sign Steelers defensive lineman Steve McLendon to an offer sheet. McLendon was a restricted free agent, and the Packers thought enough of him to bring him to Lambeau Field for a visit. (Continue reading)



Boykin Emerges As Threat

There have been many stories written about the unsightly number of injuries to the Packers to this point of the season. Lost behind the weekly laundry list of players listed as questionable, doubtful, or unable to play toils a quiet, unassuming player who brings his lunch pail to work every day and has been able to help fill at least one void during this injury-riddled season. Through it all, Jarrett Boykin has emerged as a legitimate wide receiver. (Continue reading)




Rodgers Chooses Unique Cause

By wearing green shoes during Thursday night's game, Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall tried to bring awareness to mental health issues en route to a multiple-touchdown night. The league as a whole has visibly thrown its support behind the American Cancer Society's quest to raise awareness about breast cancer, and the color pink is ubiquitous in every NFL stadium during the month of October. Earlier this week, Aaron Rodgers chose to throw the considerable weight of his celebrity behind another very different cause. (Continue reading)



Packers Focus on Overcoming Adversity

In many ways, Mike McCarthy likes to keep the game of football as simple as possible. While fans and media often focus on yards and statistics, McCarthy just cares about the simplest form of production...scoring more points than the opponent. That was never more evident than earlier this week, when McCarthy was asked how he felt about the Packers snapping the frequently discussed 44-game streak without a 100-yard rusher. The coach's answer was almost comical. "If I didn't do a very good job the last 40-plus games illustrating I didn't care about it, then I apologize," said McCarthy. The smirk on his face was noticeable. McCarthy doesn't care about stats; he cares about points. (Continue reading)



Method To Roster Madness

When the Packers announced their 53-man roster two weeks ago, there were a few surprises. Letting go of Vince Young grabbed the headlines. Cutting ties with Alex Green turned some heads. Saying goodbye to Dezman Moses raised a few eyebrows. Perhaps one of the most surprising outcomes was the fact that when the dust settled, the Packers had 27 defensive players, versus only 23 offensive players. That was a first for Mike McCarthy. "From 27 (on defense) to 23 on offense is the biggest discrepancy I've ever been through," McCarthy told the Journal-Sentinel's Bob McGinn. "And I'm perfectly fine with it." (Continue reading)



McCarthy Makes Strong Statement

In terms of coaching success, Mike McCarthy is approaching rarified air. He has already won a championship, and is given credit for pushing all the right buttons during that injury-plagued season. Later this year, his win total will move him past Mike Holmgren into third place in Packers history. By the time his current contract expires, McCarthy is even on pace to win more games than Vince Lombardi ever did. McCarthy's position is secure. Having won 33 of his last 42 games, McCarthy is on a very impressive, if not historic, run. Perhaps that success is one of the reasons that he was able to make one of the more bold coaching moves you will see, just this last week in San Francisco. (Continue reading)



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