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    The Packers have won more Super Bowls than
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    There are only 16 regular season games a year.
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Packerpedia Archive

Rooting Against Russell Wilson

Packers fans should want Russell Wilson to fail. He was a great college quarterback, and he led the Wisconsin Badgers to their best offensive season ever. What he was able to accomplish in just one season in Madison is mind boggling: he set the NCAA record for pass efficiency (191.8), and broke the school record for single-season passing yards (3,175), touchdown passes (33), completions (225), and yards of total offense (3,513). But now the Packers need for him to take a break. (Continue reading)

The Forgotten Man

The Packers have made bold moves to address the problems with their defensive line last year. They traded up to draft Jerel Worthy. They signed Anthony Hargrove and all the baggage that came with him. They brought Daniel Muir back into the fold. And they even took a flier on Phillip Merling. And then, there's the Forgotten Man. The draft pick nobody's talking about. (Continue reading)

Who's the Second Tight End?

Mike McCarthy has been saying for years that he likes tight ends. "I'm a big fan of the position," McCarthy said after last year's draft, when the Packers drafted two more tight ends to join the three already on the roster. "I just think that the body type of tight ends and outside linebackers, there's versatility that they bring to the table." Maybe he really does like the versatility that body type brings, or maybe he just never got over the fact he was an all-conference tight end himself back at Baker University. Whatever the case, McCarthy loves his tight ends. (Continue reading)

The Dark Side of Social Media

Something came to mind recently in the wake of the debacle with the Cleat Lady and the boy at Donald Driver's charity softball game. The woman in question was vilified, and became the Packers version of Steve Bartman. She was found and attacked on Facebook. A friend disowned her on Twitter. She was even compared to Osama Bin Laden. All that got me to thinking about the way fans treated the Cleat Lady, and how sometimes it isn't all that different than how some fans treat players in today's world of social media. (Continue reading)

An Embarrassment of Riches?

Last year, the Packers pass defense wasn't just the worst in the NFL. It was the worst in NFL history. If an opposing quarterback threw for 300 yards against them it was just another day at the office, because that was the average number of passing yards given up per game (299.8). In spite of all that, could it be possible that the Packers are on the verge of having an embarrassment of riches at the cornerback position? (Continue reading)

A One Day Green Bay Getaway

Every year, thousands of fans visit Green Bay to watch the Packers practice. Last week, it was my turn. I know there are legions of fans that are not able to actually make this trip, so I wanted to really give you a feel of what it is like. If you have not yet had the chance to visit the hallowed ground where legends are born, this was written with you in mind. (Continue reading)

Eye on the ILB's

The inside linebacker position is a tough place to play in today's NFL. Traditionally thought of as run stuffers, these players find themselves in a rapidly evolving pass-first league. Opposing offensive coordinators do everything they can to isolate these players in the passing game and keep them on their heels, yet they still have to be able to shoot the gaps and stack the run. (Continue reading)

Who Will Be the Next Atari Bigby?

Although Bigby's time in Green Bay didn't last particularly long, it's easy to forget that he was a difference maker for a while. In fact, he was named NFC Defensive Player of the Month for December 2007, when the Packers were on the home stretch of a playoff run. And in the "Snow Globe Game" in the playoffs against the Seahawks, he truly made his presence felt. He had two monster hits, one of which caused a fumble that led to the Packers taking a lead that they would not relinquish. After Bigby had left his mark on those Seahawks receivers, they visibly appeared hesitant and looked like they could hear footsteps. (Continue reading)

Could Jennings Be the Odd Man Out?

To see how important Greg Jennings is to the Packers offense, one need look no further than last year's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Jennings' absence was felt, and the offense sputtered. But a closer look at makeup of the team reveals that it is possible the Packers may have to get used to life without Jennings sooner than fans may think. (Continue reading)

Times Have Changed in Titletown

In the 1990's, the Chicago Bulls were often called "Michael and the Jordanaires."
This current version of the Packers might as well be called "Rodgers and the Anti-Favres."
Brett Favre is broadly remembered by fans as the guy who didn't mentor Aaron Rodgers.  When asked about this in 2005, Favre was famously quoted: (Continue reading)