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  • 13 Is Our Lucky Number
    The Packers have won more Super Bowls than
    most teams, but their championship history goes
    way deeper than that. Welcome to Packerpedia,
    a site devoted to the team that has won the most
    championships in NFL history. Some people try to
    avoid the number 13, but Packer fans don't mind.
    We do want that 14th championship soon though!
  • It's All About the Fans
    No team has a more dedicated following. While
    other teams' fans are enjoying their hot dogs and
    lattes in a dome, Packer Nation is braving the
    elements and loving every minute of it. We may
    bleed Green & Gold, but on a cold day at Lambeau the
    stands are full of hunter's orange & camouflage.
  • Bang on the Drum All Day
    There are only 16 regular season games a year.
    For fans of the Packers, the other 349 days are
    spent looking forward to the next game. Whether
    dancing in the aisles after a victory or picking
    our hearts up off the floor after defeat, we are
    always looking forward to that next game.

About Packerpedia


Packer fans come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they all have in common is that they just can't get enough of their team.

At Packerpedia, we're no different. The genesis of this site is that it was founded by two brothers that live hundreds of miles from each other. We would call each other on the phone and talk about the Packers for hours on end. We would ignore calls from our wives to talk Packers. We would forego household chores and important duties to talk Packers. We would sneak away and spend our breaks at work talking Packers. If you are a die hard fan, you can likely relate.

We always had fun making each other laugh while talking about our favorite team, and during one of our countless conversations one of us said something to the effect of, "You know, we should record these conversations. There might actually be somebody out there crazy enough to actually enjoy listening." The idea of making a podcast was born, and although we didn't start recording anything right away we eventually decided to start a Packers site to share our thoughts and points of view. The podcasts eventually followed.

Before we started the site, we had a similar routine to many fans. As soon as we got home from work we would find ourselves cruising all the different Packers websites, trying to devour every morsel of information we could find. We would check on Twitter during our free moments to see if any of the reporters that cover the Packers had anything new to share. We would download any podcasts we could find so we could listen on the way to work. We would check the Packers official website to see if any new videos of locker room interviews had been loaded.

We know we're not alone. We know there are countless Packers fans whose veins would drip green and gold if you sliced them open. And as much great Packers coverage as there is out there...we figured that there could never be enough.

So even though there are so many other great Packers-centric websites out there, we figured there had to be room for one more. It really just started out as a fun way to pursue one of our passions, and we didn't realistically expect that anybody would actually find us. But much to our surprise, more and more of you have stumbled across our site or have listened to our podcasts. We truly appreciate it, and we enjoy the opportunity to connect with you.

We also enjoy actively managing our Twitter account, which has been another great way of connecting with many of you. If you haven't already, we invite you to take the plunge and follow us. We try to find all kinds of fun little nuggets to share.

But whether you are checking out the stories on our website, listening to our podcasts, or following us on social media, our goal at Packerpedia is simple and straightforward:

We want to enhance the Packers fan experience in any little way we can.

Thanks for stopping by.



Packerpedia is...


Mike Conklin: Mike is a lifelong Packer fan who was born and raised in the heart of Bear country in Illinois. When he was a boy he had a dartboard in his room that he would surround with pictures of Bears players he cut out of the newspaper. Somehow, the darts kept missing the dartboard and ended up hitting the pictures of the Bears players. His parents weren't amused by the hundreds of little holes in the wall all around the dartboard.

Mike's degree was in broadcasting, but he ended up pursuing a career in banking. He always retained his love for language, and Packerpedia gives him a creative outlet to share his passion.

E-mail: mikeconklin@packerpedia.com

Dan Conklin: A few years older than Mike, Dan's formative years as a boy were during Lombardi's era. Despite the fact that he was raised in southern Illinois, he gravitated to the Packers during that decade of dominance and never looked back. He and his family currently live in North Carolina.

Dan has pursued a variety of interests, including spending time in the ministry. He has degrees in both management and finance, and currently works for a government agency. His love for the Packers runs deep, and he enjoys his role as co-founder of Packerpedia.

E-mail: danconklin@packerpedia.com

Since there is no community in sports greater than Packer Nation, we encourage you to reach out with any ideas or comments. We can be reached in any of the usual ways...e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or even through the link below. We'd love to hear from you!


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